Thriller Thursday: A Thanksgiving Secret (Almost) Revealed


When Charlie was a boy, he met the guy
Who first invented tracing ’round your hand
To draw a turkey. How the years did fly
Until in college, Charlie joined a band
Whose songs were coded messages about
The meaning of those drawings. They conveyed
A secret to the wise. As it turns out
They signal to our overlords who trade
In humans that Thanksgiving’s coming soon,
That day when tryptophan clouds all our minds,
Slows down our bodies, causes us to swoon,
And makes us easy pickings of all kinds.
Before the band could cut its record deal,
The guy showed up and crushed them ‘neath his heel.


Terror Tuesday: Oh No, it’s That Week!


My life long, I’ve been cramped and stuffed and trapped
With others of my kind, a thousand strong
Or maybe more. We’ve eaten and we’ve crapped
All in the same location. Something’s wrong
Though. I can feel it, smell it, we
Are somehow doomed. Oh wow! We’re on the move!
All in a crowd of feathers, dust and pee!
Hey, neighbor turkey, what you tryin’ to prove
By shoving? I don’t think we ought to rush.
Don’t think we really should anticipate
What waits for us when we’ve got through this crush.
I’m pretty sure we’re gonna meet a fate
That few would envy. Oh god, I smell blood,
Hear scary sounds and oh no, something — thud.