Terror Tuesday: Oh No, it’s That Week!


My life long, I’ve been cramped and stuffed and trapped
With others of my kind, a thousand strong
Or maybe more. We’ve eaten and we’ve crapped
All in the same location. Something’s wrong
Though. I can feel it, smell it, we
Are somehow doomed. Oh wow! We’re on the move!
All in a crowd of feathers, dust and pee!
Hey, neighbor turkey, what you tryin’ to prove
By shoving? I don’t think we ought to rush.
Don’t think we really should anticipate
What waits for us when we’ve got through this crush.
I’m pretty sure we’re gonna meet a fate
That few would envy. Oh god, I smell blood,
Hear scary sounds and oh no, something — thud.


Terror Tuesday: Missy Shitz-poo and the Bronze Bunny of Nasty Doom



Come on, let’s go! Oh won’t you hurry up?
The daylight is a-wasting. We must go!
Yes now, now, now! I, Missy Shitz-poo pup
Have duties to perform, which you must know:
And we must go to Mylar-Shelly Park
Before the hour of twilight, or he’ll win!
I have a sacred duty, that’s to bark
A certain code or else, for all our sin
The giant bunny cast in bronze will rise,
Will eat the giant hound dog ‘crossed the lane
And then before our awestruck, frightened eyes
Will reign in terror, blood and fire and pain!
You don’t want that to happen, do you? Let
Us go before I lose my nerve, my pet.


Terror Tuesday: Maps are Dangerous


She felt a thump, and suddenly she lost
Whatever semblance she’d had of control.
In other situations, mayhap, cost
Would occupy a driver, but a droll
And ominous great laugh did capture her
Attention. She was driving a Mack truck:
What could survive her hitting it and stir
Yet? Then she saw how terribly her luck
Had left her, as two vast and glowing eyes
(Refracted through her ruined windshield) shone
Just as a horny fist three times the size
Of her bewildered head burst through. Alone
And in the ogre’s grip, Matilda screamed,
Regretting this short cut, where monsters teemed.