Sappy Sunday: There’s No Place Like Home


Surprises, when they’re kept well, do amaze,
Though they can often backfire, we all know.
This can add tension to the holidays
That do not need them, as the threat of snow
And closed-down roads do loom. A fam’ly trapped
On either side of closure gates is one
Who’s sad for Turkey Day. E’en so they mapped,
The sisters Jones, a secret trip, for fun.
Kristine would fly cross country to the town
Where dwelt her sister, then they two would drive
To their hometown. Their folks knew one was bound
But not the other. Then, that day at five
They pulled it off! Their mother cried out “Oh!”
When Krissy passed the green bean casserole.


Sappy Sunday: Slow Down, Son


He watched her brush her hair, reached out to touch
It but the vision faded. Daydreams do
That. He missed her so deeply and so much
Each day, and all day long. He’d muddle though
This one as well, try not to watch the clock
Instead he had to keep eyes on the road
Or else he’d end up like her. As a flock
Of sheep crossed right in front of him, he slowed.
‘Twas such as these that nearly killed her — well
A deer at any rate. One deer, one car…
Best not to think of that. Here came some swell
Behind the wheel of something red. Bizarre
He flashed his lights; the speeder slowed right down.
He’d spared somebody from what made him frown.