Mystery Monday: The Sportsball Men


“The sportsball men keep running back and forth
Whenever we see any TV screen.
They run from east to west, or south to north
But we cannot determine what they mean
To gain by this. It’s endlessness defies
What we know of your logic.” “Attache,”
Began the aide, one hand over his eyes
(The being he addressed was in the way
Of maddening if seen) “It’s just a game.”
“When do they rest? They sometimes get to change
Their clothing, but we see, much to our shame,
The chase breaks only for the sponsors. Strange!”
“Wait, you do know there’s more than just two teams?”
The aide said. “It’s not as cruel as it seems!”


Mystery Monday: Jack vs The Missing Ball Conspiracy



My ball! My ball! My ball! My ball is gone!
When I lay down to nap, my ball was here.
My mom is laughing. Something’s going on,
But she won’t tell me. I’ll find, never fear!
I cannot find. But over there is Cat.
I bet Cat knows. She always knows. I’ll bark
Until she comes to shut me up. What’s that?
She says that she could find it in the dark?
But it’s still day. Oh, I get it! A fee?
My table scraps allowance? For how long?
No way! I miss my ball though. All right, see
If you can find it. Wait there, something’s wrong.
She found it awful fast. The crime boss Squirrel
And Cat were in cahoots, that nasty girl!

— With many thanks to Kris Sherrod and her ball-crazy dog, Jack (see photo) for the inspiration!